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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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alicia trost. there are literally lines to get into the stations and you will get in and once the platform clears. we don't want too many people on the platforms and the dangerous situation. >> why is there no backup here? >> because we're further up in the line and there is not a lot of downtown san francisco office work. >> so we go over it again and the bart news all bart trains are running and the broken track has a temporary fix and that has caused a slowing of service in the area and they'll be running that track at 27 miles an hour and fix it up later tonight and the good news is bart will be playing catch-up for the rest of the service day so as we come back live if you're patient bart says they will get you where you need to go tonight, if you're impatient best to find another means of troirgz. live in san francisco wayne freedman, aishsbc 7 news. traffic at the toll plaza was a real bless and a lot of cars trying to get in while bart
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was dealing with delays. you can see traffic sailing right problems. let's go live to laura anthony with the story. laura? >> reporter: hi dan. as wayne said, things also here look pretty normal. earlier today it was anything but. we found tour firsts and giants fans even australian runners who were caught by surprise. >> that's where we're going today. accustomed to running against the clock members of an australian track team contemplated missing their flight to sfo due to bart delays. >> a little bit stressed but we're hoping that the track will clear out and the train will be running through. >> we just got on the first train possible and, yeah, i think we'll have to cover pretty expensive cab fair in a little while. >> we do apologize for the delay. >> giants fans trying to head
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west for a day game were left wondering what the first pitch would be like without them. >> first pitch is in about 11 minutes. >> yeah it is. >> we're going to miss it. we are, but that's what happens, you know? >> reporter: this couple from atlanta had a trip from alcatraz on their agenda and a trip from the 1:30 ferry from san francisco and they're trying to push us back but if we miss it and then we miss out and get there in time to get my money back or get there in time to not miss the boat. >> again as we speak right now, just a few minutes after 5:00 here at macarthur park station, the platform is pretty good and the trains appear to be running as normal and it would be interesting to see how things develop as the commute and the rush hour thicken. in oakland laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. that method and only one train line was affected and that was the pittsburgh bay pointline to
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san francisco international airport. a lot of people are using alternative forms of transportation and that includes ferries and busses. cornell bernard joins us now from the transbay bus terminal in san francisco. cornell? >> reporter: one person told me she of theed to hit the restart button and who could blame her? a lot of frustrated folks coming here and a lot of frustrated bart riders coming here to the transbay terminal in search of a way home. bart riders were showing off their tickets today that we're being honored by ac transit up until 4:00 today and yes, was there a lot of confusion here considering that many had never ridden the bus before. officials were on hand to help navigate, but many folks were still angry. >> just delayed coming here and delayed coming out. bart was real fun today. i'll tell you that it was real fun. >> i took off work and went to the game and i was to be at my kids' school by 5:00 p.m. in
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berk le. >> are you going to make it? >> i'm not sure. >> she got on the bus 15 minutes ago so we wish her luck getting to the east bay. busses are rolling and giants fans are showing up here and the game ended a short time ago and they are orpting for a bus instead of the bus today. >> cornell barnard, abc 7 news. it caused delays in castro valley and crews have since fixed that problem and residual delays of up to 45 minutes can affect your commute. get the latest on bart problems any time on the abc 7 news app and it is free to download. we have more information on abc 7 news/app. a the department released these surveillance pictures of the attacker. he's accused of an attempted assault of a 28-year-old woman
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inside a public bathroom on the market in saratoga avenue saturday. police say that he also attacked a 13-year-old girl yesterday afternoon, following her home from school. >> the guy starts the conversation with her and when she opens up the door the suspect pushes her in and tries to sexually assault her as well. the little girl is raped, fights back and the guy leaves on foot. >> the man is described as a white male 30 years old, medium height, thin build with a beard and he might be riding a light blue, ten-speed style bicycle. highway patrol is investigating a fatal head-on collision that took the lives of a husband and wife in petaluma. the crash happened about 9:00 this morning on highway 121 between sonoma and napa. 72-year-old faye steinhart died at the scene and she was riding in the car driven by her 78-year-old husband richard and she died at the hospital. the driver of the truck is not
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injured and is cooperating with authorities and the accident closed the highway for more than four hours. >> caltrans is playing down the discovery of saltwater found inside the foundation of the tower of the bay bridge's eastern span. the agency discovered the saltwater during tests conducted last week on the new span. experts in the chronicle report expressed concerns that the saltwater at any level would corrode the rods that would fasten the tower to its face. cal trans says it does not mean that salty water is leaking into the tower and anything at this point would be speculative. marine biologist performing a neck roppsy have figured out what killed that whale. they noticed hemorrhaging on the whale's back and discovered it had four broken vertebrae. it was likely caused by a ship hitting the humpback.
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>> they just happened to cause paths and the whales are very large and it's difficult for them to get out of the way if they are trying to avoid it, to get out of the way in time. the marine biologists will return tomorrow morning to bury the female whale as well as another dead whale that washed ashore on the same beach earlier this month. >> a strong thunderstorm caused big problems for interstate 80 and the sierra. traffic just reopened in the past half hour after being stopped on westbound between kingvalley because of of a jack knifed big rig. this is video from cal trans. according to the chp there were several collisions in the area because of snow and hail. a winter weather advisory is in effect above 7,000 feet through friday and we'll have details on that with sandhya patel and the accuweather forecast. >> meantime much more ahead for you at 5:00. they claimed to have apologized last fall, but it was an empty apology.
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>> they've banned people from the social site from next month's pride parade. >> deflategate puts tom brady back in the spotlight and his dad is calling it framegate. >> how unconscionable can you be? >> jackie spear takes on for-profit colleges and offers a lifeline to students just drowning in debt. another look from sky 7 hd over the transbay terminal as bart deals with one headache after another. stay with us. cheryl and i will
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covering los altos antioch petaluma and the bay area this is abc 7 news. presidential candidate hillary clinton is in san francisco tonight and she is holding a fund-raiser later this evening and first, she was in chinatown with the mayor and that's where abc 7 news reporter vic lee caughts up with her.
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vic? >> you might call this not a coffee break, but a tea break. hillary clinton sipping tea with mayor ed lee in chinatown for 45 minutes and hillary is here in san francisco to raise money for her presidential campaign. the two events that were scheduled on her calendar were not open to the press or the public so we were very surprised when we got a call from the mayor's office saying that she would be here in chinatown. she arrived at about 3:45 at the red blossom tea company. that's a tea store that's been here in chinatown for about 30 years. the owner is alice long. her father started it 30 years ago. she brought out she said her best tea for the guests. hillary clinton seemed to like the samplings, but her presence drew a huge crowd of people that grew to about 50 or 60 when they heard that she was here in chinatown. lots of excitement especially among tourist ss.
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>> we actually came to red blossom to get some tea and we found this by happenstance. >> i was off my alcatraz trip and i came walking and it was -- >> it was the highlight of your trip? >> yes, of course. of course. right now i'm excited to see hillary clinton. >> did you ever think you would see her? >> no, not in san francisco. hillary clinton is spending one day in san francisco and she's had one fund raiser and that one was hosted by a hedge fund billionaire and environmentalist tom steyer. she's supposed to have another fund-raiser in san francisco this evening and that one poefed by her longtime friend susie tompkins buell. she's the founder of the clothing line esprit. she leaves for los angeles tomorrow and do the same thing and raise lots of money. that's the latest from the campaign trail vic lee.
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>> san jose today honored those who died protecting and serving the city. ♪ ♪ >> abc 7 news was in san jose for the police officers' memorial day ceremony and they're still fresh on the minds and the death of michael johnson in march. families of other officers attended the memorial. he was shot and killed in 2001. >> it brings everything back to the surface again and you remember the day that you were told that your son was killed but it is a wonderful memorial to san jose p.d. does for our officers and it's important to remember them. they sacrificed their lives for the city. >> fontana and johnson were in the same academy class. another tribute to those who wear the badge and this one held for san mateo county and this starts before national police week designated in 1962 by president kennedy. a group of drag queens in
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san francisco is renewing an old fight against facebook and it's over the company's policy of identifying profiles. they want facebook banned from the pride parades in both san francisco and new york. carolyn tyler has the details. >> this is not the usual get up for lil' miss hot mess. this is how the drag queen looked in september during a visit to facebook then as now, protesting what she believes is flawed facebook policy on the use of pseudonyms. >> they're still restricting the names people can use on their profiles and allowing other users to report users under people, lgbt people are being reported as a way of harassing them. >> she says hundreds have had their accounts deactivated by facebook but the company says there are now expanded options to allow names that are used in real life. quote, having people use their authentic names are more
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accountable and it helps us rule out accounts created for malicious purposes. >> we've seen the ridhetoric, but no followthrough. >> he called on facebook to make changes which he believes would not only help the lgbt community, but others who need privacy like victims of domestic violence and now he supports a petition organized by some drag queens to ban facebook from the upcoming pride parades in both san francisco and new york. ceo mark zuckerberg took part in 2013. >> i think it sends a message that what you're doing has consequences. >> supervisor campos is looking into what else could be done at city hall to put political pressure on facebook. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. tom brady could be facing disciplinary action after an nfl investigation into the deflategate scandal wrapped up
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today. the investigation found that it was more probable than not that the new england patriots deliberately deflated footballs. text messages between a locker room attendant and equipment room assistant indicated that brady asked for those deflated balls. brady has not commented and tom brady senior defended his son saying the league had to cover themselves and the reality is they had no conclusive evidence and this is framegate right from the beginning. online game service zynga is cutting 18% of its employers which is more than 300 people. the company is going to focus making fewer, high-quality games. despite that announcement the company's stock closed 11% after better than expected first quarter in earnings and the company is planning to focus more mobile games and zynga created farmville. the city of emoriville will soon have the highest minimum wage in the county. the emoriville city council
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voted to raise the minimum wage to $16 an hour by 2019 on july 1st, businesses with fewer than 55 employees will be required to pay $12.25 per hour and larger companies will pay $14.14 per hour and the rates will continue to rise each july until it reaches $16 in 2019. thefallout continues for the abrupt closure of corinthian colleges that left thousands of students in limbo and saddled with a lot of debt. >> however, congresswoman jackie spear told students that they can still get their degrees. >> >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here. >> she's been doing a great job. congresswoman spears says students can reach their goals without incurring a lot more debt. spears is helping students finish their degrees. about 16,000 student you may remember were shut out when he would college wildtech and everest college suddenly closed a couple of weeks back.
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aller operated by corinthian. state colleges are encouraging those students to transfer to their campuses and tuitions are free and low cost. >> our message here today is to those 16000 students, you can still get a good education. >> college officials say at least some corinthian credits are transferable and may actually account towards the degree. i posted information on how to apply to check it out and go to abc 7 and find me under the sections tab. nearly a million chrysler suvs are recalled and then repaired for an odd fix. fire hazard that now federal officials say they may still be dangerous. chrysler recalled $890,000 jeep cherokees and durangos last july because of faulty wiring in the sun visor that affected model years 2011 to 2014. authorities received reports of 62 fires in three injuries.
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dealers made repairs but now there are eight more reports of smoke or flames in the visor. the transportation officials are checking those reports but so far, no recall. >> hackers say they have yet another way to steal your fingerprints. they just need your picture. the chaos computer club of germany demonstrated rather, how to lift a fingerprint to unlock a photo. they use photos like this one printed on to tracing paper and coated with graphite. are you keeping up? they were able to use that print to break into an iphone. this may start everybody taking selfies with their gloves on. >> isn't that amazing? >> that's wild. good to know michael. thank you. amazon dreams of one day delivering packages to your door using drones. >> but other uses could be in the hands of consumers a lot sooner.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 the innovations that could make drones part of our daily lives. >> tune in for that tonight. >> and someone who is always a part of our daily life and let's check outside with our meteorologist sandhya patel. >> i thought you were going to say maybe a drone will replace sandhya some day doing the weather. it is bright out here and temperatures are running a little bit higher today compared to yesterday. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about what's going on right now. some changes already beginning to show up as we take you in a little bit closer, east of the clear lake area and seeing a few returns of showers and very isolated in nature. in the sierra nevada, we've seen hail and i've also seen snow showers and thunderstorms there so that stuff will continue as we head into the evening hours and there's even a possibility tomorrow. you can see some of those buildups from the tower cam whether it's puffy cumulous
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clouds and 59 in tahoe and 63 oakland and san jose 59 and half moon bay and one of the cooler spots in the mid-50s and through the upper 70s. lots of sunshine over the golden gate bridge and 78 in santa rosa and 70s for fairfield, concord livermore and here is a nice view from the emoriville camera. things will be changing and much-needed, at best and a slight change over friday and slight snow showers expected over the sierra nevada. it's this area of low pressure cold system sinking south and as it does it's going to bring with it something that is pretty late in the season. snow in the mountains in the sierra winter weather advisory starts at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and runs until 5:00 a.m. friday morning and two to six inches and carry your chains and expect some delays. moisture comes back around that
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low and here's what's going to happen here. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon and some clouds and 3:00 p.m. and a few showers showing up between fremont and san jose and an isolated shower chance will continue as we head toward the evening rush hour. notice it's concentrated around the south bay and parts of the east bay and then clouds linger tuesday night and we fast forward to friday and it's not a big chance and a slimmer chance of seeing a few returns going into friday afternoon your getaway friday. tomorrow morning another cool start, a few clouds around and low 40s to low 50s and you will need that extra layer and then for the afternoon don't be surprised if you run into some slick roadways. temperatures will run a little bit lower than today. 64 san francisco and 70 oakland and 76 santa rosa and 74 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast and you will notice as things change around, temperatures will come up just a little bit for the second half
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of your weekend which is the important one. mother's day plan low 60s to upper 70s and just beautiful mild weather if you have plans to picnic in the park with mom or do just about anything outside. cheryl and dan? >> excellent. thank you sandhya, very much. coming up the big bang what caused this huge crate or an overseas airplane? >> new at 6:00, beating the high cost of the prom. 7 on your side's michael finney finds a place where you can save literally hundreds on the
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did you feel them? several small earthquakes jolted the east bay today. this map shows where each quake hit all close to each other and in the same neighborhood. the strongest measured 3.5 on sunday and there were three small argue quakes felt in concord, as well. the usgs felt it was uncommon. more than 100 quakes shake california every day. students in el cerrito have
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raised more than just pocket change to help children in earthquake-ravaged nepal. they turned to family and friends to gather $1483. one student even turned in 900 pennies and they raised all of that money in just one week. 10% of the student population at the school is from nepal and some still have namely there so this fund-raiser had special meaning. >> the only thing i'm proud about is at least my family is safe. >> they lost their homes their families and some of them died and so if we give them money we can help them. >> all of the money will go to nepal to the save the children organization. >> so many people want to support relief and recovery efforts in nepal. if you want to donate text nepal to 90999 to contribute $10 or call 800-red cross. >> we have a wild picture to show you serious damage that a bird can do to a passenger plane. this is a picture of a turkish
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airlines flight that sustained huge damage while landing. you can see the nose of the plane took the brunt of the collision. the plane had 125 passengers onboard and officials did not report injuries at all. what did it hit? a ter dactyl? unbelievable. there is a new baby at the oakland zoo. >> he does need a little help from the public, hover. >> the
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. i'm ama daetz in the abc newsroom. coming up at 6:00 the woman who accused 49ers of sexual assault comes forward with a high-profile lawyer. the serious allegations she's making around arth niners player. >> i-team reporter confronts an imposter now facing a federal investigation and why is he packing up his marin county gym and the bay area mom's message to high school seniors, what she wants them to know before they
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head to college. that's coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> it was a bad night for the warriors. they lost to the memphis grizzlies in game two of the western conference semifinals. the series is now tied at one a piece. >> game three tips off saturday at 5:00 p.m. right here on abc 7 followed by abc 7 after the game. join abc 7 sports director larry beil and reporter mike schumann is live in memphis along with hall of famer martin. don't forget, abc 7 is your home for the nba finals and catch all of the action beginning june 4th. so tune in. help name one of the oakland's baboon. this little guy was born alongside his sister last month. >> the names are in swahili, and mazi meaning zoo. >> this is the first male baboon born at the zoo. for more on the voting visit our website on abc 7 world news is next.
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>> i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley for sandhya patel, we appreciate your time breaking news. tornadoes touching down as we come on the air. the alerts up right now. more on the way tonight. oklahoma city among the cities on the lookout. millions bracing for severe storms. also breaking, the train derailing. the massive ball of fire. the evacuations tonight. the tom brady bombshell. the super bowl champ and what the investigation now reveals. what did he know? and will there be punishment? jesse palmer standing by. the deliberate crash in the alps. tonight, the major development. did the co-pilot practice on a flight right beforehand? passengers having no idea. my interview with hugh jackman on his very real health scare. his important message here tonight. and too close for comfort. the boaters, the plane, and the plan gone wrong?


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